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Solar Lift Stations is a West Michigan based company that provides reliable water pumping solutions for farm drainage lift stations and sub irrigation applications. Our systems are primarily solar direct meaning no batteries are used. Solar energy is collected from 450 watt solar panels which directly feed into a variable speed solar optimized drive. The solar direct drive operates a 3 phase, 230 volt Carry Pumps to move high volumes of water at low total dynamic head.


The installation of the Solar Lift Station system is simple. Two 4” steel pipes are cemented into the ground to hold 6-7 solar panels. The panels mount portrait style side-by-side along the 21-25’ horizontal steel pipe. The solar drive mounts to one of the in-ground pipes and electrical conduit connects the solar drive junction box to the tank or sump where the pump is located. Adequate wire is included on the pump and float switches allowing easy connections back to the solar drive. Installation typically takes two people less than a day from start to finish.



Our most popular Solar Lift Station kits are 1-3HP. We have experience with 5 and 7.5HP as well but we typically see better performance with multiple smaller pumps. The Solar Lift Station kit is shipped on a single pallet (88”x40”) and includes the solar panels, solar drive, panel mounting hardware, Carry Pumps, and miscellaneous accessories like float switches and installation hardware. We have stocking distributors in the USA that are ready to provide quick shipment and even installation as well.

Website: http://www.solarliftstations.com/

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