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Founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of agricultural inlet systems, Hickenbottom® Inc. has grown from a seedling, tiling, and land improvement company into a multifaceted corporation featuring its cornerstone bright orange® inlet systems.  Even with expanding subsidiary companies that include wide ranges of quality products, we remember our roots in our trademarked bright orange® inlet systems that have stood the test of time for over 45 years.

In fact, the very first original Hickenbottom® bright orange® inlet, installed in Southeast Iowa, is still in working order today!  We work every day to continue a heritage of quality, consistency, and efficiency in the drainage industry.  Not limited to the agricultural landscape, Hickenbottom® bright orange® inlets can be found in residential, commercial, and industrial settings as well.


Hickenbottom® inlets offer the largest size range on the market from 5 to 24 inch systems with practical and easy-to-use accessories.  Plug-Its™ can custom regulate inlet flow.  Silt Sock® is for areas needing high silt control.  Our increasers and decreasers tackle any size variations you encounter in the field.  When you partner with the bright orange® inlet family of systems, you’re partnering with respect to conservation for our land.

Contact us at 1-800-443-7879 and see how a bright orange® inlet system can improve the landscape of your legacy today.

Visit: https://hickenbottominc.com/

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