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ADS Provides Every Piece of the Water Management Puzzle

Total water management starts with ADS.

Most people think drainage is simply removing excess water, but it’s so much more than that. Creating a total water management system with ADS tile maximizes your work and improves the bottom line for our farmers, leading to superior results that fit the needs of the land. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; we work with drainage contractors across North America to maximize the benefits of water management based on the farm’s needs. From subsurface irrigation to automated lift stations and water control structures, we have the total water management solutions to improve yields, increase farmable acres, and raise the value of each farmer’s land.

ADS water management systems can be custom-tailored to specific farm-based topography and soil types by:

  1. Offering solutions that reduce runoff and sentiment loss, such as surface inlets.
  2. Working with suppliers to create lift stations that allow for tiling in fields that don’t have a suitable fall to convey water with gravity.
  3. Implementing water control structures that effectively manage the water table in fields by setting stoplogs within the structure to the desired water level height. Active management allows for the controlled release of outlet flow, retention of valuable nutrients, and effective flood mitigation.

We are innovating what’s possible in water management.

For far too long, tiling has been seen as only an option for the Midwest or for ground with enough grade to create a natural drain to move water. By pairing water management know-how with modern engineering, ADS Lift Stations can help individuals implement water management solutions in fields and areas of the country they never thought possible. Reach out to your sales rep to learn how an ADS Lift Station can expand your operation.

More information on lift stations

Agriculture is always #WorthTheWork.

If agriculture were easy, everyone would do it. That’s why there are so few who do what we do. But through every collective challenge, we always remember who our work impacts. Whether it’s improving yields, increasing farmable acres, or helping farmers invest in their families’ future, every person at ADS Agriculture embraces the challenging nature of this business. In our eyes, it will forever be worth the work.



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