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We power drainage lift stations directly from solar energy

Our Solar Lift Station kits are used where grid power is either unavailable or very costly to bring into drainage lift station sites. The Solar Lift Station system is simple to install, operates reliably, and requires very little maintenance. Batteries are not used due to high cost and system complexity. The system is wired with a generator plug to allow for manual or automatic generator backup, but this feature is seldom needed.

Each Solar Lift Station kit consists of solar panels, panel mounting hardware, a solar direct variable frequency drive, a Carry Pump, and miscellaneous installation hardware. We typically focus on 1HP to 3HP pump systems and pair multiple pumps for larger projects since we can achieve more run hours per day on the smaller pump motors. We work hard to keep our Solar Lift Station kits in stock and ready for quick shipping. We currently have over 100 Solar Lift Station sites operating across the USA and Canada.