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Give drainage systems a boost with ADS HP Agricultural Lift Stations

ADS lift stations are an innovation in drainage, connecting subsurface tile lines to lift water from fields and empty into a waterway. This solution allows farm fields that can’t gravity drain water an opportunity to be tiled and allows farmers who may not have had a suitable outlet to create one.

Developed with busy farmers and landowners in mind, our lift stations come equipped with user-friendly technology to create one system that can manage water flow rates and field water table levels, and programmable power consumption. Each lift station’s remote monitoring system is satellite-based and can be accessed via any web-enabled device, so you can control your water management from anywhere. There are even solar options available for remote fields that don’t have access to power.

Our resident lift station specialist, Tim Dahl, loves to get his boots on the ground and partner with contractors on-site to evaluate opportunities and design a custom lift station.

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