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LICA’s View: And so it begins…

The quest to complete the history of farm drainage and the LICA contractor publication has begun.

November 28, 2019
By Allison Hack, National LICA director of communications

Ryan Arch, Illinois LICA executive director, reviews 17 Illinois LICA scrapbooks with Allison Hack, national LICA communications director and Eileen Levy, national chief financial officer.

The National Land Improvement Contractors Association (LICA) has begun to compile additional information to complete the leather-bound book version of The History of Farm Drainage and the LICA Contractor.

During a week in early May, the executive committee began reviewing the additional information they had received. National LICA chief executive officer, Jerry Biuso, national chief financial officer, Eileen Levy and national director of communications, Allison Hack were pleased to host three visitors to our new office.

The first was Ryan Arch, Illinois LICA executive director, who brought 17 scrapbooks from Illinois LICA.

Ron Schlatter reviewing a variety of historical material with Allison and Eileen.

Eileen reminiscing with Ryan while reviewing materials.

The second was Ron Schlatter of Schlatter Inc. from Francesville, IN. Ron proudly presented over 1,700 slides with fascinating drainage history, which included: photos, brochures, books and articles. Ron expressed a great deal of excitement over the project and returned for a second visit with Peter Darbishire. Darbishire was the editor of Drainage Contractor magazine from 1976 to 2008.

There is still much to learn and we are looking for any history that may be available. If you have information that could contribute to this project, please contact the National LICA office at nlica@aol.com or call: (630) 548-1984. DC

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