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LICA’s View: Preserving history

LICA wraps up a two-year research project on the history of farm drainage and its positive impact.

May 2, 2019
By Mike Cook

For more than two years

For more than two years, we at National LICA became historians. The association embarked on a project, The History of Farm Drainage and the LICA Contractor, to identify the role LICA members played in developing farm drainage and its positive effects on the world.
The more the editorial committee researched, the more it became apparent LICA played a huge role in helping to feed the world.

The History of Farm Drainage Magazine
The two years spent dedicated to the project only represented a fraction of the years of history that was uncovered during the process. It began as a four-page insert in the LICA Contractor magazine and quickly grew to 16 pages, then 32 pages, and finally 86 pages of full color. It contains history, photos, charts, graphs and a unique timeline of events. Unlike anything that has come before it, the publication captures a period of American history.

The History of Farm Drainage and the LICA Contractor magazine version was mailed free on Dec. 28, 2018, to all LICA Members, industry leaders, national legislators and educational institutions. It continues to generate a great deal of positive interest from across the country.

The History of Farm Drainage Book
The LICA editorial committee continues to receive additional information and has only scratched the surface of all that was accomplished since the drainage began in the United Sates during the mid-1800s. They will now undertake the responsibility to publish the complete collector’s item in a leather-bound book. We welcome any editorial information and photos that can be added to the book version.

This book will be offered at minimal price and we are collecting pre-order reservations with more than 100 copies pre-sold.

To reserve your book or to add editorial content please contact National LICA at (630) 548-1984 or by email at nlica@aol.com.

Mike Cook is the former president of the Land Improvement Contractors of America and currently sits as chairman of the board. Visit www.licanational.com for more updates from LICA.