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Impacts of wetland restoration and drainage improvements

May 6, 2022  By Drainage Contractor

An upcoming webinar will detail the positive effects that improved drainage and targeted wetland restoration have on water quality, watershed hydrology, greenhouse gas emissions and more.

The webinar, which takes place May 11, is hosted by the Iowa Learning Farms from the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach conservation and water quality education program. IT will feature William Crumpton, who will discuss the results of a multi-year study examining the effects of improved drainage on nutrient export from agricultural catchments and the effectiveness of wetlands in reducing downstream nutrient loads from such systems. Additionally, he will outline opportunities for integrated targeted wetland restorations within existing and future agricultural drainage systems.

Crumpton says drainage systems are “the primary pathway” for non point source nitrogen and phosphorus loads into Iowa’s surface waters, and that it’s critical for more to understand how drainage modifications can help mitigate those effects.

Read more and register here.


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