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Swan Lake First Nation makes progress on drainage project

January 31, 2022  By Bree Rody

Since 2020, the Government of Canada has supported the Living Lab-Eastern Prairies project, which works to develop best management practices for more sustainable farming and environmental practices on farms within the Upper Oak Lake, Swan Lake, North Shannon Creek and Main Drain watersheds.

For Swan Lake First Nation, that meant significant progress on the Swan Lake First Nation Project SL-S49. Infrastructure was already more than 90 per cent complete prior to the funding, and includes enhanced drainage with the installation of tile over an 11-acre wet area in the field and a water retention dam in order to treat runoff from the tiled fields.

Additional measures such as planting plants that are attractive to pollinators have also been enacted.

While SLFN says more data collection is needed to show specific scientific results, according to the latest update the project is making significant progress. The next major drainage-related project coming soon is a saturated buffer, which will provide additional management of water and nutrient flow from water moving from the field downstream.


For more information on the Living Lab-Eastern Prairies project at Swan Lake First Nation, click here.

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