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When old becomes new

Link Mfg. is bringing back the Link plows.

November 19, 2012  By Jeanine Moyer

Tony Paladino The search for a set of original plans to rebuild a Link 75 drainage plow in the winter of 2012 led to the development of a new manufacturing company

The search for a set of original plans to rebuild a Link 75 drainage plow in the winter of 2012 led to the development of a new manufacturing company, Link Mfg. The company was formed in Ontario drainage contractor, Dave Stevens’ shop, where Bill Eddy, son of the manufacturer, Art Eddy from Eddy Oxford Enterprises, and Tony Paladino, machine designer for the original Link plow, met to help rebuild a mangled Link 75 plow. While analyzing problems with the plow, the trio quickly determined a market existed for newly manufactured, high-quality, double-link drainage plows. Together, they’ve built a new business, using proven plans and are creating a buzz in the industry bringing three new double-link drainage plow models to the market.

Link Mfg. is currently manufacturing the Link 25 and Link 75 models, and has plans to bring the Link 250 plow to the market in 2013. All Link Mfg. drainage plows are based on the original Link plow, initially designed and manufactured in the 1970s. The plans have been redrawn and updated by the original designer, Tony Paladino. By using proven plans and examining the original plows to see where they had been reworked and reinforced over the years, the Link Mfg. team is confident the new plows are a superior product.

Upgrades and improvements
Once popular across North America and the world, the Link plows are known for their dependable design, price and quality. The trio forming Link Mfg. hopes to build on that reputation with the introduction of the redesigned models.

The Link 25, a three-point hitch plow, is designed for farm tractors. It’s known to hold grade better than some of the cantilever-type plows and is ideal for farmers installing their own drainage, or light-duty contractors. This design is also attractive for those working in smaller areas such as vineyards or greenhouses.


The contractor-grade Link 75 plow is a proven design that has been in the field for years, but features a new quick coupler attachment option, engineered by the Link Mfg. team. “This feature offers contractors maximum flexibility,” says Stevens who explains that by allowing the operator to hook and unhook the plow from a dozer within 20 minutes, the quick coupler option eliminates the need to dedicate a dozer for a single, full-time purpose. Two hydraulic hoses, connecting a power supply for a laser or GPS are all that is required to operate the new attachment. The Link 75 plow model is ideal for the installation of four-, six- or eight-inch tile.

The newest model, the Link 250, is also a contractor-grade plow for use on heavier equipment and will be available in January, 2013. It will allow for the installation of tile up to 15 inches in diameter.

Manufacturing for the market
All three members of the Link Mfg. team have significant experience working with drainage plows – right from the drawing board, to contractor training, equipment sales, and in-field experience. Their goals are to bring back recognized plows that were popular for their quality and design. The new plow design elements, especially the Link 75 quick coupler, are intended to make the equipment investment, “more feasible and economical for smaller contractors and farmers,” says Eddy, who notes the team is always open to further design suggestions.

Built and assembled in the Tillsonburg, Ont., area, Link Mfg. plows and replacement parts for all existing Link plows, are available to the North American and international market.

For more information on Link Mfg., visit www.linkmfg.ca.

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