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HyPro large tile feeder now available

April 29, 2019  By Drainage Contractor

The HyPro Large Tile Feeder is a new product developed by Knorr Manufacturing Ltd. and Hypro Equipment. The purpose of Hypro Large Tile Feeder is to assist with installing large diameter single wall and dual wall flex pipe from eight inches up to 15 inches.

The large tile feeder is hydraulically powered with soft rubber fins to ensure a smooth install, and feeding you tile into your tile boot with power feed rollers will eliminate tile stretch from occurring. Numerous adjustment positions allow you to adjust the position of the feeder according to the size of the loop in the tile.

The attachment will also eliminate the extra man power needed when installing large diameter pipe. The Hypro Large Tile Feeder comes with a mounting bracket that can be welded to the rear side your tile boot, allowing for the unit to be used to install tile from the right or the left side of the drainage machine. Mounting brackets are available for each size of tile boot allowing you to use the feeder for any large tile size. The Hypro Large Tile Feeder easily couples into your existing four inch power tile feeder with standard quick couplers, allowing you to adjust roller speed using the same power speed control knob.

For more info contact HyPro Equipment at 519-505-6636 or visit www.hyproequip.com.


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