Drainage Contractor

Using social media to attract new hires to the blue collar world

April 18, 2019  By Aaron Witt

The world of building things has a massive people problem, writes Aaron Witt of BuildWitt Media, a marketing company focused on the construction sector. Retirements are accelerating, and there‚Äôs no new generation of workers ready to take over. Social media is emerging as a tool to help construction, mining and equipment companies recruit new talent. 

As proof of concept, Turner Mining Group received over 500 applications for employment in only a few months, with approximately 100 of those hire driven from social media. Witt shares three ways companies can use social media to reach and hire the next generation of workers. Drainage companies could use the tips laid out in Witt’s article to their own advantage as the seasonal demand for workers increases in the warmer months. | READ MORE

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