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How to tile a bin yard for drainage

Tiling a bin yard is not the same as adding drainage tiles to a field. Find out why

January 22, 2018  By Grainews

As with most things, consulting a professional is probably the best first move.

“It’s probably most important to get a consultation so we would come down and take a look and see what the customer’s end goal is, and then help design a system that reaches that goal,” says Jason Fraser, business development manager with Precision Land Solutions based in Winkler, Manitoba. “Any system should also be built so it can easily accommodate future expansion.”

Because every yard is different the next step is trying to identify the issue. “Is it ground water coming up and that’s creating frost boils? Is it surface water that’s pooling due to the soils being so compacted from being driven over all the time?” Fraser says. “It’s not always as easy as just taking a scraper and shaping the yard because you sometimes have no options of where to put the water.” For the full story, click here.


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