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At ADS, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to water management because no soil, farm, or operation is alike. We’re proud to tailor solutions with contractors and farmers nationwide to meet their unique business needs. Together, we can improve yields, increase farmable acres, and create sustainable water management systems to ensure the long-term success of our industry.
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Get exclusive access to the stories of the people behind the pipe with Tried & True. Each issue is a testament to the spirit of innovation and dedication that drives the drainage industry forward. Discover in-depth articles, interviews with experts and real-world applications that can transform your approach to drainage. Tried & True isn't just a publication—it's your gateway to the humble folks who make the industry.
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Since 1976, Agri Drain has been a leader in the drainage industry, manufacturing a full suite of high-quality water management products, with fast, friendly service at competitive prices. Agri Drain’s patented products are sold to drainage contractors, farmers, and landowners throughout North America and internationally for in-field and edge-of-field agronomic and conservation practices such as drainage water management, sub-irrigation, saturated buffers, bio-reactors, tile outlet terraces, ponds and wetlands.
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  • largest size range in the industry
  • accessories to customize your drainage needs
  • expanding bright orange® inlet system families
  • quality, reliability, and trusted for over 45 years
Contact us at 1-800-443-7879 or inlets@hickenbottominc.com.
Visit https://hickenbottominlets.com/where-to-buy/ for a complete list of distributors.
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Our Prinsco team is ready to deliver industry-leading customer service and a full line of quality drainage products. Start planning today!
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Solar Lift Stations provides a way to pump water where grid power is unavailable. Whether you are draining 5 acres or 250 acres, we have solutions to reliably pump water off grid. Our systems are based around solar direct operation and include built in generator backup in case nighttime running is needed. Our Solar Lift Station system is trusted by over 100 North American users.
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ISG champions balanced water solutions at the nexus of agriculture and ecology. Our water resource experts take a conservation minded approach to identifying issues, building consensus, and navigating regulatory and construction processes. By leveraging hydrologic and hydraulic modeling capabilities and embracing innovative technology, we accelerate assessment and produce solutions that reduce maintenance costs and improve rural drainage capacity and quality. Learn more about our expertise and how we can help your region achieve its goals.
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