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Drainage Innovation Webinar Series

Presented by LICO | Hosted by Drainage Contractor

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December 7 | 11am ET

Combination systems: Surface drainage? Sub-surface? … or both? 
There are endless options for drainage systems, depending on soil type, topography and budget. Some handle the surface water, while others handle what’s below, and some do both! In an online discussion with contractors, farmers and other experts, we’ll talk about different styles of terraces, field leveling, inlets and ditches with and without tile drainage. We’ll plow through the decision-making process, the nuts and bolts of installation, and weigh the environmental pros and cons of the various systems.

January 12 | 2PM ET

Tile, layout & spacing: There’s more than one way to lay pipe… there are (at least) four!
With a panel of contractors, farmers and other experts, we’ll discuss four ways to design and install systematic tile: conventional, interceptor, intercepting contour and contour for sub-irrigation (CSI). From determining spacing and sizing, with drainage coefficients and soil types, to understanding relief and interception drainage and when to use each, we’ll lay out (at least four) opportunities for drainage innovation.

February 9 | 11am ET

Controlled drainage & sub-irrigation: Drainage… for the control freak. 
The last in our online discussion series, we’ll be talking with contractors, farmers and other experts that have installed and researched controlled drainage, both on slopes and flat ground. In some cases, they’ve even put water back in! We’ll discuss why they did it, how they did it and what happened.  And, best of all, we’ll talk about how to actually use control systems.

Register for free today and join us for all three webinars.