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Warthog floating pump from Agri Drain

May 15, 2015  By Agri Drain

May 15, 2015 – The Agri Drain Warthog floating pump is a rugged, highly efficient pump assembled in the United States.

It pumps water at a rate of 850 gallons-per-minute for fast, efficient water removal or retrieval. The pump weighs approximately 85 pounds, allowing for one-person set-up and use. With the optional auxiliary fuel tank, you can increase the typical run-time from around one hour up to approximately 12 to15 hours between refueling intervals. Just set it in the water, roll out the hose, pull the cord, and walk away!

The Warthog floating pump can be used for water removal as well as supplying water from a remote source. The pump’s 400-foot hose can move water from a flooded area or take water from a water source and supply it to an area where it is urgently needed.

The pump can be used in a number of applications including flood relief and irrigation. In agricultural applications, the pump can be used to drain low spots in the spring for earlier planting or to irrigate areas further away from the water source.


The floating design of the pump draws water from just under the surface, drawing cleaner water, avoiding surface debris, and not stirring up debris underneath the pump. The innovative design of the pump takes in water while keeping large debris out, eliminating the need for a filter. The Warthog floating pump also boasts very low emissions.

For more information, visit www.agridrain.com.

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