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Trimble WM-Form land forming solution

May 15, 2015  By Trimble

Trimble’s new WM-Form land forming solution optimizes field surfaces for leveling

May 15, 2015 – Trimble’s new WM-Form land forming solution optimizes field surfaces for leveling, surface drainage and irrigation.

The solution can repair underperforming areas and extend the amount of productive farmable land, reduce the volume and cost of earthworks, and minimize disturbance to valuable topsoil. It can also optimize water distribution and drainage, reduce erosion and flooding by effectively directing water flow, and create more uniform crop production, which can lead to increased yield.

Contractors can use the WM-Form solution from survey to verification. Users can collect 3D field data using the Trimble WM-Topo survey system or the FmX integrated or TMX-2050 displays. They can then analyze topographic data in the WM-Form software to identify surface problems that are limiting yield potential and use the software’s flexible design tools to create a design that optimizes their field’s surface.

The software also provides reports for volume, area and constraints, providing contractors and growers with an accurate quote on the total cost of the project. Users can leverage the 3D design to conduct land forming operations using the Trimble FieldLevel II system, and then verify the design has been accurately completed using the Trimble WM-Topo survey system.


For more information, visit www.trimble.com/agriculture/wm-form.

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