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Submissions: OFA provides feedback on new regulations in Conservation Authorities Act

May 21, 2024  By Drainage Contractor

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) has submitted official feedback on proposed regulations detailing the minister’s permit and review powers under the Conservation Authorities Act.

Under the proposal, the minister may issue an order to prevent a conservation authority from issuing a permit and to take over the permitting process in the place of a conservation authority, and/or review a conservation authority permit decision at the request of the applicant.

“OFA believes that landowners and their properties deserve ongoing protections and services at current levels or greater, without bearing significant cost increases. Assurances must be provided that the Minister’s permit and review powers under the Conservation Authorities Act will ensure those same protections,” the submission reads.

OFA raised questions including:

  • Who will be responsible for reviewing and interpreting technical documents, including those required to assess potential flooding, erosion or natural hazard risks?
  • Will there be a requirement for the minister’s approval to include a response to the conservation authority’s concerns?

“OFA wants to ensure a process is in place that does not default to the courts, for landowners who are negatively impacted by a nearby development,” the submission reads.” For example, a landowner whose property experiences flooding as a result of a new development should not have to seek recourse through the court system.”

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