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Resolving soil nutrient loss and pollution in Lake Erie

May 20, 2022  By Drainage Contractor

“We all need to be economically sustainable, we need to grow a crop, we need to make some money at it,” says Henry Denotter. “But if we choke the Great Lakes, we’re not accomplishing anything. We’re going backwards.”

Lake Erie is well-known to have a number of issues lurking in the water, with many of those issues stemming from nutrient loss and pollution.

In The First Sixteen, a podcast by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), experts take a look at how parties can work together to reverse the damage done in Lake Erie and make the Great Lake truly great again. Denotter, a farmer on the Wigle Creek watershed and Pamela Joosse, a soil and nutrient management specialist, share the story of how they worked together as part of AAFC’s Living Labs program.

The podcast explores some of the strategies Denotter adopted through Joosse and others’ expertise from cover crops and reducing tillage to buckwheat and goats, the two share their experiences.


Listen HERE.

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