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Plastic Pipes Conference Association issues call for papers

June 5, 2015
By Plastic Pipes Conference Association

June 5, 2015, Berlin, Germany – The Plastic Pipes Conference Association (PPCA) has announced a call for papers to be presented at its Plastic Pipes XVIII Conference and Exhibition.

The exhibition will take place at Berlin’s InterContinental Hotel in Berlin, Germany, from Sept. 12 to 14, 2016.

Sarah Patterson, organizing co-chair of Plastic Pipes XVIII and technical director of the US-based Plastics Pipe Institute, will work with colleagues on a jury to determine who will deliver each of the 120 papers at next year’s event.

“We are always open to new ideas and innovation even if the subject matter is not covered by the traditional list of key areas,” Patterson said. “Materials, additives/ingredients and processing capabilities are evolving plastic pipes and their uses globally. Presentations will address key technical and marketing issues relating to the design and development, testing, installation and operation of plastic pipe systems. Papers will offer solutions to engineering issues in the use of plastic pipes system and identify market trends for further growth in the use of these systems.”

“In-depth review will also extend to latest developments in application areas, materials, additives/ingredients, testing, performance and the most recent expertise acquired in the area of sustainability and its assessment,” she added.
Patterson invites all potential presenters to submit a 300 word abstract in the English language before Nov. 25, 2015. Title, name, position, company address and contact details should also be provided through the online submission tool on the conference website.

Exhibitors are also encouraged to contact conference organizers as soon as possible through the same website, where a floor plan has already been provided.

PPCA’s call for papers comes on the heels of positive signs for the global plastic pipe market.

“The construction and civil engineering sectors are major motors that drive a nation’s economy. Whilst U.S., China, India and Germany report major rates of growth in this sector, they also reflect a global trend towards sustainability as a strategic criterion for choosing building products. Plastic pipe systems are now the sustainable pipe material of choice due to their long life performance and low environmental impact,” said Zoran Davidovski, organizing chairman of Plastic Pipes XVIII.

Davidovski pointed to double digit growth in the global plastic pipe industry and the recognition that the replacement of antiquated non-plastic pipe networks is a universally accepted trend.

“Our conference in Berlin will be a very interesting platform to discuss and review technical and business developments,” he added. “The world of plastic pipes is changing and excitement within the industry is intense. The whole supply chain will be there – from raw material suppliers to pipe installers and users. Even the makers that make the machines that make the pipes will be there.”

Organizers of Plastic Pipes XVIII expect at least 450 participants drawn from all sectors of the plastic pipes industry and from over 40 countries.

They have also announced a spin-off conference to be held on Sept. 21 and 22 in Shanghai, China.

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