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Ontario Living Lab: Water quality

September 11, 2023  By Bree Rody

The Living Laboratories Initiative is an integrated approach to agricultural innovation that brings farmers, scientists, and other partners together to co-develop, test, and monitor new practices and technologies in a real-life context.

An Ontario Living Lab project by researchers Patrick Handyside and Sonja Franzen looked to determine the impacts of best management practices on nutrient and sediment concentrations, and the partitioning of water flow between surface runoff and tile drainage. This project looked to provide insight into how different crops impact water flow from the fields between surface runoff and tile drains; to determine the pathways that different nutrients leaving the field (surface vs subsurface) follow and how management practices impact them; and to allow for better recommendations of best management practices to limit nutrient loss.

Data was collected up until late 2021 and analyzed in 2022.

A full publication of the project can be found here.


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