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Ontario farmers leading efforts to reduce algae blooms in Great Lakes

June 12, 2017  By Drainage Contractor

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture, along with the Grow Ontario Together group, has been working with farmers, government, industry partners and experts to ensure Ontario agriculture has a solid, sustainable approach for farmers to reduce phosphorus entering the Great Lakes and other waterways.

And a new provincial report on water use shows that Ontario farmers really are ahead of the curve when it comes to curbing the environmental footprint of Ontario’s water use.

The annual Energy Conservation Progress Report was released May 30, 2017 by Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, Dianne Saxe. The report – Every Drop Counts: Reducing the Energy and Climate Footprint of Ontario’s Water Use – dedicated one of eight sections to phosphorus. Sources of phosphorus were identified in the report – including municipal sewage, septic systems, nutrient runoff from farms and a variety of other contributors.

The report urges the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to implement phosphorus reduction programs that reduce loadings to sensitive surface waters, in a way that minimizes the energy use, nancial costs, and greenhouse gas emissions needed to achieve reductions.


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