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Ontario county unveils 20 year watershed management plan

September 3, 2019
By Drainage Contractor

Cover for the 2019 Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority Integrated Watershed Management Plan. Photo courtesy of NVCA.

The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA), based in Utopia, ON, and beside Lake Huron, released their new Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP). The purpose of the plan is to guide how the NVCA manages the watershed and its resources over the next 20 years.

When developing the plan, the NVCA consulted with its eighteen watershed municipalities, three county partners, the agricultural and development communities and non-governmental organizations. First Nations groups were also contacted as part of the consultation process.

Through the consultation and the Conservation Authorities Act, the IWMP has a strong focus on the environmental, economic and social needs of the watershed. These issues are addressed by managing both natural resources and human activities together.

“This is a very important document for the NVCA and everyone who lives, works and plays in our watershed,” said Doug Hevenor, CAO of NVCA. “By maintaining a healthy environment, it enables us to have healthy lifestyles, recreational opportunities and business growth.”

The issues addressed in the IWMP are: water quality and quantity, flood and erosion management, resilient biodiversity and habitats, sustainable economic and recreation opportunities, improved quality of life and neighbourhood desirability, and the ability of the watershed to adapt to stressors such as climate change and urban growth.

“The NVCA understands that our watershed is changing all the time,” continued Hevenor. “The Integrated Watershed Management Plan is designed to be a living document so that it can be revisited and updated to reflect these changes.”

The IWMP was partially funded by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Municipal Climate Implementation Fund. The full IWMP is available online through the NVCA website.