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Ohio bill aims to update state’s petition drainage laws

February 1, 2021  By Bree Rody

A bill recently passed in Ohio could have significant impacts on agricultural drainage projects in the state.

House Bill 340, which was signed on Dec. 17, was introduced to modernize Ohio’s petition drainage laws, which would allow them to better handle issues of excess water in key areas (including residential, commercial and roadways). Although it was signed prior to the New Year, it will not go into effect until March 24.

The bill came together over a period of more than seven years, with stakeholders working to update what they believed were “outdated” statutes and bringing them in line with modern technology. The ultimate updates include how the county can conduct the view of the project – now, rather than walking the entirety of the proposed site, they can watch drone footage or view the area remotely in some other fashion.

The bill was passed unanimously with 33 “yes” votes. For more information on the bill including documents, cosponsors and history, click here.


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