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Northwest Iowa flooding brings beavers; landowners worry about dams’ impact on drainage

July 19, 2019  By NWest Iowa

Recent flooding in northwest Iowa has paved the way for North American beaver to become more visible, and their increased presence has raised concerns among landowners.

Sioux County Conservation naturalist Sarah Davelaar said the beaver population has not changed in the last decade but the frequent flooding has allowed them to navigate flooded waterways to new areas that are more visible.

The increased visibility of beavers has landowners wondering if it will impact their farmland. One landowner already expressed concerns to the Osceola County Board of Supervisors about whether the beaver will have an impact on tile drainage.

Davelaar said beavers tend to build dams in small streams to create deep water areas. The dams can sometimes back up water into crop fields where it can cause problems with planting or harvesting crops. The dens that the beavers dig also can create destabilized areas which can be hazardous to heavy farm equipment if operated near the den. However, concerns have not escalated to the point where action is needed. | READ MORE


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