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May 19, 2015
FEATURED NEWS: Managing runoff
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Bioreactors and controlled drainage

Bioreactors and controlled drainage are expanding options for feeding crops and protecting water quality. >> Read full article

Wetlands reduce nitrates

Wetlands created 20 years ago between tile-drained agricultural fields and the Embarras River were recently revisited for a new two-year University of Illinois research project. >> Read full article

Leaders oppose Iowa lawsuit

A new statewide group that includes local officials has formed to support collaborative efforts to improve water quality, saying Iowa agriculture has been “unfairly blamed for water quality issues.” >> Read full article

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Managing runoff

Researchers are in agreement; too much phosphorus is finding its way into field tile. But rather than demand a moratorium on tile drainage installation, many are suggesting more practical drainage solutions for the agricultural industry.

The problematic algal blooms that are plaguing Lake Erie are being fed by high concentrations of phosphorus, particularly between March and June each year. Although there are many contributing factors to the growing problem, the timing suggests agricultural sources may be significant. >> Learn More…

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