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Drainage Contractor
More from Drainage Contractor | Contractor at Work | Industry News September 9, 2014
Ohio receives grants to improve water quality
Ohio will receive $7.4 million in federal grants to continue water quality initiatives already underway and reduce harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie, according to a press release from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.
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How tiles transformed farming
In his most recent column in the Finger Lakes Times, Walt Gable discusses the history of drainage tile in farm fields, focusing on the roots of the technology.
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Supervisors approve drainage proposal
A request to run a private tile into a joint drainage district in Iowa has been approved and will now be forwarded for final approval.
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Board backs bonds for drainage district
Commissioners have unanimously voted to back the $500,000 bond issue for improvements to a drainage district in Michigan that measures 10,600 feet in length and is composed of about 8,200 feet of open drain and 2,400 feet of tile drains. The project will correct several things, including poor drainage of agricultural areas.
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