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Drainage Contractor
More from Drainage Contractor | Contractor at Work | Industry News July 14, 2014
New drainage regulations needed in Manitoba
The Manitoba government's announcement of two new water management plans for the province are being met with mixed reviews, but Doug Chorney, president of the Keystone Agriculture Producers, sees these developments as positive news.
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SPI to host conservation drainage field day
Springfield Plastics and the Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition (ADMC) will host a conservation drainage field day on July 16, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., at the SPI facility in Auburn, IL.
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Drainage contributing to flooding
An expert on hydrology and climate change believes recent flooding in Saskatchewan and Manitoba has been exacerbated by widespread drainage of agricultural lands that have increased water volumes flowing downstream into Manitoba.
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Land Forming Design Software Land forming design software for drainage and irrigation
OptiSurface land forming design software uses three different design models to accomplish the customer’s drainage or irrigation goals.
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