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More from Drainage Contractor | Contractor at Work | Industry News March 11, 2014
LICA LICA lands in Las Vegas
Las Vegas has it all – beautiful weather, a plethora of restaurants and plenty of fabulous nightlife and entertainment options. But on March 1, land improvement contractors from across the United States had another reason to venture into the desert: the 63rd annual National LICA Winter Convention.
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Centrol launches tile installation
Centrol, an independent crop consulting company based out of Twin Valley, Minn., is diversifying its business into field drainage tile installation.
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Public agencies differ on definition of wetland
Representatives of three agencies outlined the working definitions that they use for a wetland at a recent seminar about tile drainage on agricultural lands in Wisconsin.
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Mulcher Mulcher head delivers fine mulch for ground cover
The St. George Company, through its SGC Attachments division, is distributing the Seven E series line of carbide hammer mulchers for hydraulic excavators.
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