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More from Drainage Contractor | Contractor at Work | Industry News September 24, 2013
Forty-year flashback: Michigan will monitor water quality
Drainage Contractor is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and to celebrate, we're reminiscing with stories that have been published in our pages over the last 40 years. This week's article, written by (then associate editor) Elinor Humphries, was published in the 1990 issue of Agri-BookMagazine/Drainage Contractor. In the article, Humphries explores the steps the Michigan chapter of the Land Improvement Contractors of America took to monitor water quality.
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More North Dakota farmers interested in water management
Common sense may suggest that tile drainage and irrigation won’t both be popular at the same time in the same region. But farmers in North Dakota's Red River Valley have strong interest in both tile drainage and irrigation, viewing the two as valuable “water management” tools.
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North Wales Golf Club receives drainage makeover
The North Wales Golf Club received an updated drainage system after last year's wet summer brought drainage problems to a head.
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Tile drainage picking up in South Dakota
With land prices in South Dakota as high as $6,000 per acre, farmers are out to wring every dollar they can from their fields. For many, that means installing drain tile, according to one contractor.
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