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Drainage Contractor
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Forty-year flashback: Ontario drainage contractors licenced
Drainage Contractor magazine is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2013, and to celebrate, we're taking a look back at what made the headlines 40 years ago with Forty-year flashback, a series of articles from the magazine's first few editions. First up, a look at the Agricultural Tile Drainage Installation Act.
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Scholarly travels
Nuffield scholar Rob Burtonshaw’s final research and conclusions will be presented to the Nuffield Annual Conference in November 2013. Until then, he continues to travel – talking to farmers, equipment manufacturers, researchers, and contractors – about what he knows best: land and field drainage.
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Wolfe Wolfe
Wolfe: Redesigning Simplicity.

Air Ride Cabs are now a standard feature on all Wolfe Plows. We recognized the fact that increased operator comfort and reduced fatigue should never be an issue of money. The Air Ride Cabs reduce vibration and bouncing, thus increasing the longevity of the machine’s electronics. We have increased the cab size, re-engineered for noise reduction and added more glass for improved visibility. The new design will incorporate overhead bulkheads for interior lights and cab switches. We have made alterations to the rear step, handrails, platform and entrance making them more effective and safer to use.

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Updating a drainage system
How important is it to update an outdated drainage system? A farmer in Ireland has done so, and has already seen the benefits.
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Pipe primer
As a drainage or land improvement contractor, you know the general ins and outs of installing pipe. But did you ever wonder what it takes to make the giant coils of tile you receive?
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