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New product update 2017

May 8, 2017  By Drainage Contractor

A look at some of the newest products this season

Farm drainage apps for Android
Schlatter’s Inc. recently released IWM Locate Lite and IWM Locate Pro – two apps for Android-based devices.

The apps use the GPS position of a smartphone or tablet to locate tile lines in the field. IWM Locate has the ability to load line features in Trimble drainage planned and drainage completed formats, ArcView shapefile formats, as well as Google Earth KML file format. Once the line features are loaded, the user can locate the lines using the internal GPS receiver or a compatible external bluetooth GPS receiver. IWM Locate also uses an Internet connection to automatically load background images using Google Earth imagery.

The pro version of the app gives the user the ability to touch a line and display attribute information such as tile length, size, name and outlet depth, where available.  


IWM Locate Lite and Pro are now available for download from Google Play.

For more information, visit schlattersinc.com.

775DT trencher from Tesmec
Tesmec has engineered a series of trenchers and surface miners for use in many fundamental agricultural applications, such as installing agricultural drainage by excavating trenches with controlled slopes and constructing irrigation networks through a grid of trenches.

The 775DT is the first “light” Tesmec chainsaw trencher specifically developed for dirt excavation and drainage works. It’s a lightweight and robust machine offering transportability, productivity and reliability, plus low ground pressure, high floating capability, and a user-friendly TrenchTronic 3.1 electronic control system, making operation easier and less dependent on operator skill.

A bucket wheel version of the 775DT is also available, offering even more productivity in terms of yards per hour with the same tractor, powered by a 225 horsepower CAT engine.

For more information, visit tesmec.com.
775DT trencher from Tesmec

Trimble launches VerticalPoint RTK system
Trimble has launched a world-first, patent-pending VerticalPoint RTK system for grade control in agriculture. The system provides enhanced vertical accuracy and stability of standard single-baseline RTK systems, reducing downtime.

When vertical accuracy inconsistencies occur, contractors must wait until the vertical signal is once again accurate to re-start leveling. VerticalPoint RTK significantly reduces vertical design errors in leveling and land forming projects, which occur due to inconsistent vertical GPS signals resulting from atmospheric interference. With VerticalPoint RTK, contractors can experience an approximate 25 percent increase in overall uptime. Currently the industry experiences about 75 percent uptime; however, with VerticalPoint RTK uptime can increase to approximately 95 percent. In addition, this increase in uptime occurs even in the most challenging environments and at any time of year.  

VerticalPoint RTK is currently available in North America and Australia as an unlock on the Trimble FmX integrated and TMX-2050 displays and works in combination with the Trimble FieldLevel II system, which streamlines the surveying, designing and leveling steps required for land leveling projects.

For more information, visit trimble.com/agriculture/verticalpoint-rtk.
Trimble launches VerticalPoint RTK system

Precision Land Solutions launches V-plow
Precision Land Solutions, of Winkler, MB, recently launched its version of the V-plow. This method of installation uses a V-shaped shank rather than the traditional single leg. Pipe is fed down one side of the V, and as a result, soil is lifted and lowered back down in place rather than being ripped up and out of the trench. V-plows are commonplace and are the generally accepted installation practice in Europe, known among farmers for their low disturbance method of

tile installation. Fields are easily trafficable after install without any trench closing.

Precision has been testing their prototype for the last two seasons and the method has shown key advantages to some customers, who are now requesting only V-plow style installation. Since launching the prototype, Precision now offers custom built V-plows to fit both Bron and Wolfe traction units. The plow is capable of installing four-inch and six-inch pipe up to six feet deep.
For more information, visit plsinc.ca.
V Plow

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