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New Products: Spring 2012

November 14, 2012  By Drainage Contractor

Springfield Plastics Inc. uses 100 percent virgin resin 100 percent virgin resin in drainage pipe

100 percent virgin resin in drainage pipe
Springfield Plastics Inc. is the only U.S. company to receive certification for use of 100 percent virgin resin in drainage pipe thus far, and has done so for 12 consecutive years. Springfield Plastics has received certification that verifies the company only purchases virgin resin to be used in the manufacturing of its drainage pipe. Springfield Plastics uses only 100 percent virgin resin material in its products to create a consistently strong drainage field pipe at every inch that will last for generations. Using virgin material, creates a quality dependable pipe, and the market is constantly increasing the demand for this type of product.

Springfield Plastics is also adding a new production line at its Auburn, Illinois, facility. In July 2012, the company will install the new production line, which is expected to increase output by over 20 percent. Springfield expanded its production in 2010 to meet the increasing demand for its product. The new line, with an investment of more than $2 million, will give them the same capacity increase as in 2010.

The Water Quality Inlet
Agri Drain’s Water Quality Inlet is manufactured of high-density polyethylene and the base snaps into single wall corrugated plastic pipe or slides into Hickenbottom or Precision underground sections. Sizes available are four-, six- or eight-inch pipe diameters and 18- or 36-inch heights. Colors available are green and yellow. The four-inch diameter contains 18 individual wicks; the six-inch diameter, 54 individual wicks; and the eight-inch diameter, 90 individual wicks.

The Water Quality Inlet is designed to improve water quality by reducing the transport of sediment, phosphorus and other waterborne constituents to tile lines and surface waters and reducing the velocity and volume of drainage to limit flooding and prevent soil particles from entering infield structures.


The Water Quality Inlet can achieve equal or greater flow and improved water quality impacts when replacing standard inlets in fields with drainage water management systems, bioreactors, saturated buffers, blind inlets and terrace channel inlets. It provides consistent filtered flow by the use of ponds, catch basins, wetland lagoons, rain gardens and aquaculture impoundments.

This product can also be used in tall grass and high-trash areas to eliminate plugged intakes; for outlet guards if there are ditch-cleaning activities, and lastly, for residential settings to provide an inlet that can be maintained and mowed, and is esthetically pleasing.

DT35 Series Ditcher
New for 2012, the Land Pride DT35 Ditcher features an adjustable depth shoe, one-inch ripper shank, #80 drive chain, and two-inch main shafts as standard features. With an adjustable cutting diameter of 16 or 18 inches, the cutting edges are reversible/replaceable and manufactured from AR400 material. The impeller leaves a clean and sculptured trough to keep water flowing freely. Perfect for your 30- to 60-horsepower tractor, the DT35 quickly creates channels up to nine inches in depth to fill small irrigation ditches or efficiently divert water from unwanted areas.

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