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New Products: May 2013

May 8, 2013  By Drainage Conractor

Collect topographic data year-round
The WM-Topo system is the latest addition to Trimble’s water management product lineup. The WM-Topo survey system is a portable topographic data collection solution for water management for year-round use in a variety of environments.

The survey system includes a Trimble Nomad handheld computer and a pole-mounted GNSS receiver. The company says the system can be carried into areas not easily accessed by a tractor or truck-mounted equipment such as ditches and steep terrain, muddy fields, and fields with mature crop cover. The system can be used as an alternative, or to supplement, survey work previously conducted on the FmX integrated display.

The TrimbleWM-Topo system can also be used to calculate the grade between two given points in a field in order to determine the existing slope or check the grade accuracy of newly installed pipe.


Wolfe 540 plows 240 feet per minute
The new Wolfe 540 Super Plow features a 540 Cat engine with 160,000-pound final drives. It plows 240 feet per minute in low speed and roads at a speed of more than four miles per hour. The long tooth plows over 7 feet deep. The Super Plow comes with a standard 18-foot track length or an optional 20-foot track length. The cab is heated and air conditioned with air ride. Incorporated in the machine control is the Plus 1 System, providing all hydraulic and engine functions. Both the engine radiator and hydraulic cooler have automatic reversing fans to blow out trash.


The 540 Super Parallel Link Plow can be equipped with a GPS system that controls depth and tooth attitude to hold very tight grade tolerances. The GPS attitude control allows contractors to plow through unstable soils and carry the tooth on grade.

A & E Construction Supply co-manufactures with Wolfe Heavy Equipment the Wolfe Man wheel trenchers and distributes Eager Beaver trailers to assist customers with their machine hauling needs.


Increase yields with Water Gate
The Water Gate is a float-activated head pressure valve. It maintains a one-foot increase in water elevation between the downstream and upstream sides of the valve.The Water Gate operates in either free-flow or managed-flow mode. The managed-flow mode is activated by backing water up into the valve. This is accomplished by installing a Water Level Control Structure (WLCS) in the tile main at the lowest point of the drainage system that you wish to manipulate or control. Locate the first Water Gate one foot in elevation upstream from the WLCS.

Water Gates can be used in series, locating additional units at one-foot elevation intervals.

Haviland expands product line
Haviland Drainage Products has recently introduced a number of new products to complement its existing product line. Several different styles of end plugs in three-inch, four-inch and six-inch sizes and internal couplers from two inches up to 12 inches are available. Additionally, Haviland now manufactures rigid-style end caps in 12- and 15-inch sizes, a 12-by-10-inch reducer and 12-inch and 15-inch plastic drain grates. Dual wall pipe in a mini stick option (approximately 10 inches) is available for safety purposes. In addition to these products, Haviland also manufactures single wall pipe, dual wall pipe and CMP in a variety of sizes. 


New functions added to Homburg Drain Cleaners
Homburg Holland says its Homburg Drain Cleaners feature a water pressure as low as 10 to 12 bar. The HPE hose is pushed into the drain so that the specially designed spray head can do its work, cleaning the drain and removing fouling. The company has also introduced the automated Dynamic Drive unit. The term Dynamic Drive encompasses a series of new functions that have been added to Homburg Holland’s automatic drain cleaners, including obstacle protection, proportional control, traction and distance control and auto stop.


Improve grade accuracy with EG2 from Latec
The EG2 EconoGrade Laser Grade Control System from Latec features 360-degree receiver technology. The EG2 is designed to improve grade accuracy and interfaces with any valve driven utility, including proportional time, proportional current and proportional flow valves with integrated electronics and can also control electric actuators.

AGPS adds new software features
Advanced Geo Positioning Solutions, Inc. (AGPS) has added a new feature to its Pipe Pro water management software: automatic steering (Autosteer) for self-contained tile plows. Notable features include dual-GPS input for accurate machine heading and accuracy up to +/- 0.1 feet. Autosteer allows steering to any LAY/PTL path selected in the program, including grid lines, designed drawings and offset paths. AGPS has also added Pipe Design, for use in conjunction with its drainage software solutions. With Pipe Design, users can draw mains with designed depth (including profile view), draw a group of laterals within a watershed boundary or other break lines, and export to AGPS Pipe software for automatic blade control in the field.

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