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New features on Homburg Hurricane

May 14, 2014  By Drainage Contractor administrator

The Homburg Hurricane received an upgrade in 2014.

May 14, 2014 – The Homburg Hurricane received an upgrade in 2014. The drain cleaner features three hydraulic motors, four cylinders and a five-way valve. Its construction features an automatic folding function, and the Homburg Dynamic Drive protection system prevents slipping of the drive rollers.

The Hurricane was given a new control unit in 2014. The joysticks have been replaced with push buttons. The remote controls all hydraulic functions and the five-cylinder piston diaphragm pump is accessible in the open frame. Behind it is the electric water valve. The 10-metre long suction hose includes a hose reel, and the standard hose guide works mechanically through a chain drive. Above it is the optional working light. 

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