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Liebrecht introduces gradable trench box

May 15, 2015  By Liebrecht Manufacturing

Liebrecht Manufacturing

May 15, 2015 – Liebrecht Manufacturing, LLC has introduced the Liebrecht Gradable Trench Box. It is capable of installing 15 inch through 42 inch dual wall pipe.

The trench box cuts a shaped bedding that conforms to the outside of the pipe and cost savings can be realized by eliminating the stone bedding and backfilling, reducing time, man hours and input costs.

The trench box comes standard with side tilt to maintain grade on cross slopes. It does this using laser components powered by the onboard hydraulic and electrical system. Another key feature is the hydraulic coupler that joins the pipe sections without entering the trench. A tandem axle dump truck with a pintle hitch or tractor with three-point hitch can be used for transport.

The Liebrecht gradable trench box cuts the grade, forms the trench and lays the pipe in one pass.


For more information, visit www.farmdrainage.com.

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