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LICA’s view: Expansion on the horizon

LICA has great plans for growth.

May 7, 2014  By Bob Clark president LICA National

I just returned from the 2014 LICA winter meeting in Las Vegas. The winter meeting was a two-day event, packed with committee, delegate, and board meetings, all in an effort to take care of LICA business and keep the organization running strong. The meeting was held just prior to the 2014 ConExpo-Con/Agg, which made for a fun and busy time for LICA; just as we ended the winter meeting, we opened up our ConExpo booth.

This was my third time attending and ConExpo 2014 did not disappoint! In addition to the impressive equipment to see (or buy, perhaps), there are plenty of educational programs and panel discussions to keep you informed and entertained. This year, LICA worked with ConExpo organizers to provide programs during the convention. We shared a booth with one of our associate members, Petrocon, and together we promoted the LICA organization and recruited new members. The effort was a success with 27 new members recruited and numerous leads for state chapters. This year, LICA left ConExpo and Las Vegas with a sense of accomplishment.

But, it is no surprise that we felt that way. LICA has been growing into new areas of the country and the importance of land improvement has never been so obvious to so many. Just in the last year, two new state chapters were added: Arkansas and North Dakota. This year, we’re maintaining the momentum with plans to add state chapters in Texas and Maryland – all part of our continued plan to grow our membership, spread industry best practices, and play an important role in shaping the regulations and legislation that impact our natural resources, our businesses, and our economy.

State chapters have been proactive in their state legislatures, recently working to change regulations that have unnecessary, negative impacts on their members’ businesses and customers. LICA also works with lawmakers at the federal level and we’re fortunate to have an excellent government liaison, John Peterson, who always keeps LICA informed on matters important to our members. Later this year, we’ll make a trip to Washington, D.C., to express our concerns on various issues with potential to impact the drainage industry. Drainage contractors see these benefits, and this helps drive membership growth.

At LICA, we work closely with our associate members, which translates into excellent savings uniquely available to our members. For example, many state chapters offer insurance programs that include a safety dividend program that rewards participants who operate their businesses without insurance claims with a dividend check. Our national staff is always looking to improve benefits. For a complete list of benefits, check out LICA’s website at www.licanational.com.  


Of course, our LICA executive committee makes all of the benefits, industry leadership and growth possible. Our CEO and the regional vice-presidents, have worked hard to position us for the period of growth and greater industry influence that we are happy to be experiencing.

As president of LICA National, I plan to work with our executive committee to build on the momentum LICA has established over the previous years and to participate in as many LICA functions as time permits. I personally enjoy going to the different state chapter functions – in particular, the winter meetings and summer golf outings. It’s a great way to meet the members and make new friends. Our members are the backbone of the association, and they are, in many ways, like family. The term “LICA family” is often used, and rightly so. It’s an honor to represent such good, hard-working people, and it is people that make LICA so successful.

The next opportunity for members to reunite will be at the LICA National summer meeting, in Indianapolis, IN, from July 14 to 19. With its central location, I expect a big turnout. There will be some very good tours prior to the national summer meeting, and I hope to see many of you there!

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