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Iowa contractors encouraged to contribute to local Source Water Protection Team

August 31, 2018  By LICA

Contractors in Iowa with knowledge of land improvement practices that focus on the reduction of contaminants in the groundwater are encouraged to contribute to a local Source Water Protection Team, according to the latest newsletter from Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA).

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Source Water Protection program allows communities to voluntarily take steps to safeguard the quality of groundwater they use.

Currently in communities, shallow groundwater aquifers are refilled by rain in areas surrounding their wells or ‘capture zones.’ The water that flows to these aquifers, where groundwater is stored, can potentially carry contaminants from the land and contaminate the entire water source. These ‘capture zones’ will be the focus of each community’s Source Water Protection Plan with the goal of preventing contamination from entering groundwater storage at the source.

“The purpose of Source Water Protection planning is to unite a community in the common goal of protecting their drinking water at the source…We are trying to prevent contamination from the land surface, which in turn, reduces the costs of water treatment and possibly postpones the need to drill new wells,” Bridget Durst, source water community facilitator for Conservation Districts of Iowa and the Iowa DNR, states.


A number of these projects also address practices outlined in the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy.

While some practices do not require much design or modification of the land, some projects will. Contractors who have experience with wetland restoration, pond building, tree planting, seeding large areas and the removal of underground storage tanks within their respective capture zones are encouraged to contribute their knowledge to local Source Water Protection teams.

Questions about the Source Water protection efforts in Iowa can be directed to Bridget Durst, Source Water Community Facilitator Conservation Districts of Iowa/ Iowa DNR Office at 712-262-4177 or bridget.durst@dnr.iowa.gov.

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