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Introduction: Spring 2012

Spring has sprung!

November 14, 2012  By Sara Avoledo

Sara Avoledo Editor And so have a lot of positive firsts for Drainage Contractor magazine.

And so have a lot of positive firsts for Drainage Contractor magazine.

This issue represents a first for Drainage Contractor. . . a few firsts actually. This is the first time we have put out a second edition of the magazine in one year – our Spring 2012 issue. It is also my first magazine as editor…pleased to meet you, my name is Sara Avoledo. And finally, I would like to talk to you about a definite first for a lot of you, getting your company involved in social media.

From what I have heard, drainage contractors are curious about new methods of marketing to your industry, and social media is where it’s at.

“Why use a licensed professional contractor in Ontario?” on page 26, highlights talking points you can use when dealing with customers and farmers, and shows you how to convince them they need to hire a professional drainage contractor, rather than using someone without experience or even trying to do it on their own. This is a really important issue and as contractors you have to be well versed and well prepared to speak to why hiring YOU is the best way to go.

So back to the communications and marketing side of things. How do you make sure your potential customers know about these points? I would suggest that you look into getting a website up and running and even featuring reasons for hiring a professional (or certified professional, in the case of Ontario contractors) on a page of your website. It is also pretty standard to provide an e-mail address to potential clients, as well as examples of work you have done and references.


If you already have a website you’re happy with, check out Facebook. You may feel this is a big waste of time, but it can really help your company’s visibility. It will also give you a place to post pictures of cool successful projects and new machinery, and may even encourage some members of the younger generation to get involved in the industry. Did I mention that it is free advertising?

And if you are really feeling brave, why not sign up for a Twitter account? This will allow you to send out 140-character notes, links, pictures and comments to anyone interested in your field. It is a great resource that allows you to follow other professionals and researchers of interest to what you do. Even news and weather is just a click away. Oh yes, and did I mention that it is free advertising?

An easy way for you to see what I am talking about is to check out Drainage Contractor’s new facebook page.  You can also follow us on Twitter @drainagecontmag, where I have posted, among other items, pictures and interesting facts from my day out in the field with Martin Drainage a few weeks ago. You can also be on the lookout for our new website, coming soon, and new articles with more communication tips and tricks in our fall issue.

Until then, I look forward to continuing the conversation online.

Sara Avoledo
Editor, Drainage Contractor

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