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Funding fact sheet: Municipal projects in Texas get the green light

February 28, 2022
By Drainage Contractor


Projects approved

TEXAS – The council of Round Rock approved more than $3 million in stormwater, wastewater and water projects at a recent meeting, aiming to improve drainage across the city. The stormwater projects will be funded with American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds (estimated at $10.7 million over the next five years), while water and wastewater line projects will be funded through the city’s self-financed water construction and self-financed wastewater construction funds. Specific projects are: Meadows Are 2 &4 water, wastewater and storm drainage improvements; Round Rock West Area 5 water, wastewater and storm drainage improvements; Southeast Area 1 existing conditions drainage assessment; J.1 and J.2 South Creek channel improvements project; and Chandler Branch Tributary 3 channel improvements project.

Council votes to address drainage issues

PENNSYLVANIA – Rush Township is officially seeking funding to address drainage issues in town. Since October 2021, Rush Township officials have sought a drainage plan for issues on Richard Street. A stormwater management easement would be helpful, a township engineer stated at a recent meeting, although added that the township’s plan will not “eliminate 100 per cent of every drop of that water.” The aim is to run excess water south.