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Fratco’s production capacity soars

October 26, 2020  By Drainage Contractor

Fratco, a manufacturer of corrugated plastic drainage pipe and associated products, announced their production capacity has reached new heights with the addition of a second Unicor UC 1800 corrugator to their production line. Unicor’s UC1800 produces corrugated pipe from 18-inch to 60-inch inside diameter.

Fratco places tremendous value on their partnership with Unicor. According to Fracto, Unicor’s equipment helps Fratco produce the highest quality large diameter HDPE and PP pipe in the marketplace.

“Investing in an additional Unicor UC1800 corrugator allows Fratco to expand our production capacity to meet ever-increasing demand efficiently,” said Chris Overmyer, president and CEO of Fratco. “Having invested in the first North American UC 1800, and now bringing the tenth machine to the United States to meet increased demand, illustrates our vote of confidence in Unicor’s technology.”

Unicor’s equipment partnered with Fratco’s standard of bringing technologically advanced pipe to the marketplace continues to be a mutually beneficial relationship. In addition to the UC1800, Fratco recently purchased the first UC 5XX corrugator, allowing a new level of throughputs and quality in small diameter dual-wall pipe.


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