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Fecon introduces new power pack for larger excavators

May 10, 2019  By Drainage Contractor

Fecon introduces the Tier-4 compliant BHP270 Power Pack for larger excavators (over 20 ton). This independent power source provides additional hydraulic horsepower to operate attachments like the Bull Hog mulching head without hydraulic flow from the host machine.

While excavators of this size typically provide 45 to 60 gallons per minute (gpm), the BHP270 delivers up to 109 gpm of hydraulic flow for maximum power on the jobsite. This new fuel-efficient upgrade delivers a flatter torque curve for constant 270 HP output from 2,000 to 2,400 rpm, yet uses jut 7.7 gph at Duty Cycle.

The Power Management microcontroller channels all power to the brush cutter, and there is no power loss due to accessories. This also improves engine response/recovery and sustained peak grinding power. New After Treatment (AT) components are located inside the “dome” on the roof, keeping AT heat separated from the engine bay. A larger fuel tank holds 91.5 gallons and is sufficient for a full day of work.

Other new design elements include a new firewall inside the engine compartment to keep airflow from the engine side separate from hydraulic side. All hydraulic components are now on the left side of the fire wall. Airflow direction on the engine is reversed from previous version, with intake on right rear door and exhaust out of right side door.


A Rexroth 145cc hydraulic pump produces maximum pressure of 5800 psi and hydraulic flow of 109 gpm. There is a new cab control panel with keyless start for more convenience and safety. The new display is brighter and easier to read. A new light alerts operator to tilt angle limits exceeded. An increased frame depth allows the addition of a stiffening cross tube to reduce vibration. For more information, visit Fecon online at www.fecon.com.

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