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Enhanced SOCK Filtration Characteristics

May 15, 2015  By Zodiac Fabrics

With more marginal soils being drained in recent years

May 15, 2015 – With more marginal soils being drained in recent years, the demand for easy to apply filtration fabrics with enhanced performance characteristics has grown.

Zodiac Fabrics and its sister company, Carriff Corporation, have responded to this demand by developing two new SOCK filter fabrics with enhanced filtration characteristics. They are available in four inch and six inch diameter fabrics with maximum filtration opening sizes of 120 and 250 microns.

Both of the new products are black; the 120-micron product is identified with a blue identification stripe and the 250-micron fabric is identified with a yellow identification stripe. The products are seamless, eliminating the need to sew or glue the fabric during application to the tubing. As a result, tubing production line speeds can be maintained at normal rates and there is no risk of seam failure, which can be detrimental in fine soil conditions.

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