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Endangered species versus drainage

Farmers, contractors and municipalities are trying to cope with Ontario’s new Endangered Species Act

November 23, 2017  By Country Guide

Ontario municipalities and counties have been told, through the Endangered Species Act (ESA), that if endangered species are found in the drains and drainage ditches adjacent to farms, they will have to protect those at-risk species.

Failure to do so could result in fines up to $1 million for municipalities or $250,000 for individuals, not to mention possible imprisonment for up to one year.

Complying with the Drainage Act can be a challenge at times, but there’s a history and knowledge base of how to manage within its confines, so there isn’t a lot of concern with it. The ESA is something entirely different. Within the ESA, there are different species, with mitigating measures, timing window restrictions, and best management practices. Extra complications include identifying the particular species involved and understanding its potential vulnerability to the crop growing nearby, its growing season and its water cycling needs. For the full story, click here


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