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Drainage licensing in Manitoba: Policy or politics?

March 18, 2019  By Manitoba Co-opertaor

Landowners across the Canadian province say they’re facing a situation where provincial regulators have been issuing drainage licences, often to local governments, without fully considering their downstream impact.

Citizens in the province are turning to the courts to settle problems with the interplay between drainage, local government and the provincial department that’s supposed to regulate it. Some situations involve municipal drainage that’s been installed allegedly in violation of the Water Rights Act and flooding land. The province is currently at a crossroads with how to regulate drainage projects.

“In water licensing, analysis has just dropped off the table,” said John Arthur, a retired engineering consultant who worked in drainage and water licensing. “Drainage applications are being rubber-stamped without proper analysis. Plus, there’s favouritism — municipalities are allowed a lot more leeway than private individuals.” | READ MORE


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