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Details released for Ontario phosphorus removal technologies project

January 16, 2019
By Agricultural Adaptation Council

More details have been released about the five phosphorus-fighting projects in southwestern Ontario that recently received funding from the Canadian federal government. 

According to project manager Charlie Lalonde, the goal is to meet the 40 per cent phosphorus reduction target contained in the Canada-Ontario Lake Erie Action Plan and understand the efficiencies of the different products and systems. 

In tile drained fields, Hickenbottom and other surface inlets are used to transfer water directly to the tile and underground out of the field to municipal drain systems after heavy rain falls or snow melts. A release by Agricultural Adaptation Council said equipment will be installed near surface inlets to screen out silt containing phosphorus.

The project also will test various technologies that pump water out, capture the phosphorus and release the water back into the watershed at stream edges or municipal pumping stations. As well, engineered products that contain nanoparticles capable of absorbing phosphorus will be used to filter run-off water as it leaves a field tile. | READ MORE