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Changes on the way for key player in Europe

New leadership for Hollanddrain.

November 13, 2012  By Drainage Contractor

Two of the characteristics of Hollanddrain are performance in the field and value to its customers. Change is in the air for Steenbergen Hollanddrain B.V.

Change is in the air for Steenbergen Hollanddrain B.V., a key player in the worldwide drainage machinery industry. The company specializes in design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of a wide range of heavy-duty drainage, de-watering and trenching machines. Plows, gravel trailers and flushing machines, as well as spare parts complete its extensive product range. Even parts of Barth Holland machines, acquired by Hollanddrain in 1986, are still placed in stock. Customers of Hollanddrain have their core business in a variety of industries, including agricultural, irrigation, recreational, utility, construction and adjacent sectors.

Now, the anchor man of Holland-drain, Willem de Waard, who worked for more than 45 years for the company, will reluctantly retire, and hand over commercial responsibilities to William Smeekes. Hollanddrain management is grateful for everything de Waard has achieved on behalf of the company. Smeekes, who is the marketing and sales director, has been appointed to lead Hollanddrain to worldwide growth. “We have set clear objectives; not only in the US, but particularly upcoming markets where we see great potential in the near future.” says Smeekes, who will be responsible for managing the global commercial activities of the complete product range in all market segments.

“We’ve always paid high attention to customer satisfaction and will continue to do that. In fact, the machine owner has two main questions before he decides to buy,” explains Smeekes. “Will it do the job and will it earn money? Hollanddrain assures a very favorable total cost of ownership due to low operating cost and durable design. A long-term value which belongs to a long-term relationship; that is as essential as having direct customer contact.”

Although Hollanddrain will appoint new distributors in target markets, they will continue to support the end users directly. Hollanddrain’s strength is based on the fact that all of the company’s personnel know the marketplace from first-hand experience and expertise, resulting in putting the right machine at the right place, and above all, providing value for the money from the customer’s point of view. “In addition, the aim is to provide a substantial contribution to a wealthy world with respect for the environment, which is unavoidable,” says Smeekes.


Service goes beyond the ordinary
Hollanddrain has its focus on corporate social responsibility, which is part of its business philosophy. The process from production to delivery will be carried out with the utmost respect for the environment. “Aspects such as engine emissions, fuel consumption, used materials and production methodology have high attention,” assures Smeekes.

The machines operate under sometimes extreme circumstances and meet the highest safety requirements for operators, inside and outside the machine.

In 2010, Stephan Reedijk was appointed as technical director. All operational and technical activities will be managed by Reedijk and his team of qualified engineers, production workers, after-sales and service people. Reedijk states that the engineers are experts in hydraulics and mechanical engineering, particularly as related to crawler systems and digging-chain drive systems. Hollanddrain machines are designed to be used in extreme subsurface conditions up to eight meters, and possibly more, in different types of soil, and with greater ease.

Operators come to rely on the equipment they are using. “With ours, they can,” says Reedijk.

Recent market research indicates that in the past 60 years Hollanddrain machines have become known for having key features rated by operators as most important. Quality, reliability, efficiency, noise level and ease of operation are the qualities most often mentioned. “Of course we are proud of that,” says Reedijk. Thanks to these qualifications, Hollanddrain is in many countries the leader in providing the right solution for the work to be done in a quick and
reliable way, using advanced design and manufacturing technologies.”

Continuous improvement of efficiency, just-in-time supply of A-branded components and Hollanddrain’s accurate quality control provide competitive benefits. “Hollanddrain does not produce a machine: we specifically build one.”

Within its product range philosophy, Hollanddrain has a two-directional focus: producing standard machines but also continuing to build to a customer’s specific needs. “Every situation is different, so we always listen to customers’ preferences and fulfil their demand,” assures Reedijk.

The Hollanddrain line of products is  sold globally, thanks to the worldwide network of a dedicated and experienced sales force and dealers. As with any expanding enterprise, Hollanddrain is always looking for capable distributors. If you are interested in representing Hollanddrain, you can request a dealer inquiry form through e-mail, at info@hollanddrain.nl.

For more information about the company and products, visit the website www.hollanddrain.nl.

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