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California water recycling plant will recycle agricultural drainage water

Capturing and recycling agricultural and industrial drainage water will reduce their impact on the watershed and local ecosystems.

March 10, 2020  By Carl Smith, Governing

A newly opened water treatment plant in Monterey, CA, will replenish a vital regional groundwater resource with recycled water at a rate of millions of gallons per day. In addition to purifying wastewater, Pure Water Monterey treatment plant is expanding to recycle agricultural drainage water, agricultural wash water and storm water runoff.

“The reason it’s so important is that communities can look around and find underutilized or unutilized water resources around them and then bring them into a system that can capture their benefits,” said Paul Sciuto, the general manager of Monterey One Water. “To my knowledge, it’s the first potable reuse plant in the country that uses all these source waters.” | READ MORE

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