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BKT adds four new sizes to V-Flecto line of tires

December 15, 2020

Global tire giant BKT is expanding its line of Agrimax V-Flecto tractor tires. It has already rolled out a new VF 710/70 R 42 size, which will soon be followed by three new sizes:

  • VF 750/70 R 44
  • VF 710/75 R 38
  • VF 710/55 R 38

BKT first launched the Agrimax V-Flecto tires in 2017. Its main ambition with the line is to improve tractor performance on all types of terrain by maximizing loads and reducing soil compaction. The tire makes use of narrow rim option technology, conforming to standards set by the European Tire and Rim Technology Organization (ETRTO). This makes it possible to use standard rims with the tires, instead of dedicated rims.

With this new addition, the V-Flecto is now available in 22 sizes.



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