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A short neck version of the Flex Tap Tee is now available

September 16, 2019  By Drainage Contractor

The new short neck version of the Flex Tap Tee, the fits 6" and 8" main sizes, is now available. Photos courtesy of Curtis Yoder.

A short version of the 4″ Flex Tap Tee, fitting 6″ and 8″ main sizes, is now available.

The Flex Tap Tee helps connect laterals to mains. The original 4” Flex Tap Tee, a product collaboration between Central Plastic Products Inc. and Fratco, came in a long neck that fits 10″, 12″ and 15″ main sizes. Curt Yoder, inventor of the the product, says the overwhelming popularity and response to the original long Flex Tap I is what caused him to start developing a different, short version.

“Although the fitting looks a little different, the push-to-lock patent pending head still allows the contractor to install the tap with one forward motion, snapping inside the main by compressing the ridge line instead of awkwardly wedging and twisting like they were required to do prior to this design,” Yoder explains.

Curt Yoder is a fifth generation farmer and third generation drainage contractor who came up with the original design when looking for a way to make tap tees easier to install. He says the new design comes with a few new improvements too.

  • The head has three tapered tabs on top and three on the bottom making it easier to start the tap.
  • The wall thickness was increased 20 percent to support more weight and is 40 percent thicker than a standard blow mold fitting.
  • The side of the tap head has been removed and is called the “Gap Flow Design.” This allows more water to flow past the fitting head and causes less disruption inside the main.
  • The “perma hooks” or side hook tabs on the side of the head are a secondary fastener and activate on the upper wall of the inside top of corrugation if the fitting experiences more than 40 pounds of negative pull from settling. Yoder adds, “In short, the tap isn’t coming out!”
  • The back end of the fitting is an internal connector, allowing the fitting to be a more universal fit between different 4” tile maker profiles.
  • The cut outs for the tabs on the internal are smaller and more precise to prevent warping on the back end. Also present is a thick anti-warp ring that is 40 percent thicker than a normal internal wall at the back end to ensure circular integrity.

Yoder has pre-sold over 40,000 units of the short Flex Tap Tee and plans on rolling them out the first week of October.

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